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Gary Balletto has been putting together lucrative real estate deals so that his investment partners can make safe, consistant profits for years. He has been a reputable Contractor in the building and Real Estate business for over 20 years . He has extensive experience in building, remodeling, zoning, developing and consulting! Gary has experience in all types of properties, including: single family, multi family, commercial, industrial, rentals and property management. He specializes in "income producing properties!" Gary has developed a deal analyzing system to evaluate property. He has experience in all types of financing and has bought and sold over 100 properties of his own. He handles all types of sales, including conventional, forecloses, REO's, short sales, HUD sales, and estate sales. Gary's dedication to his clients, irreplaceable construction Knowledge, Along with his extensive Real Estate background make him the right choice when choosing your next realtor.
Balletto Realty
786 Atwood Ave. Cranston

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