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BOLD Realty was created by a group of experienced and visionary realtors with an innovative new way of looking at real estate. Until this point, the real estate industry has been full of pressure, stress, fine print, and pushy agents in a corporate and formal setting. BOLD Realty is different - it combines a real estate company with an in-house cafe creating aromas of coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls wafting down the street. The lobby is equipped with ipads for clients to be able to browse listings on the MLS while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or one of our savory soups of the day. Our atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed and welcoming to West Reading shoppers. In addition to coffee and pastries, BOLD Realty also offers unique home decor items to satisfy many tastes and styles.
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Bold Realty, LLC
550 Penn Avenue West Reading, PA 19611

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